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Industry leader

BitStream Poland has been providing reliable solutions to Polish energy companies for 17 years.

Comprehensive solutions

BitStream provides connectivity, communications and computing solutions for the energy sector.

More than 1000 implementations successfully completed

Our solutions manage substations, energy enterprises and distributed energy resources in Poland.


Thanks to innovative solutions and the combination of an industrial network switch with a time source compliant with IEC 61850 standards, the EAZ systems supported by our equipment ensure safety and provide all the protocols needed to increase the precision of automation in substations.

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Proper development of the energy sector will have a decisive impact on the secure functioning of the European energy market, which will make it possible to meet the expectations of end consumers – who count above all on cheap electricity that is always supplied. Electricity is nowadays a very precious commodity, which forces the economies of all countries to rationalise the costs of its generation and delivery to customers. Optimisation of costs and improvement of operating efficiency of the entire energy sector requires implementation of solutions based on modern telecommunications and IT technologies.

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Our company offers many devices ensuring reliable transmission of control signals over long distances using optical interfaces.

Featured products

Digital Station

A digital substation focuses on converting binary status and analogue measurement data into digital data. This facilitates the transfer and sharing of data between devices and substations in real time so that it can be better used, processed and acted upon. With our equipment, building a digital substation is cheaper and more secure thanks to lossless rings and encryption of data transmission.

Featured products