About us

BitStream is a Polish manufacturer of professional equipment for data, voice and video comunnication networks, security systems, industrial automation and others.
The first years of the company have been completely devoted to research and development activities, so the company can now offer reliable high quality solutions. Every day we try to listen to customers carefully, diagnose their needs and quickly respond to market signals.

As one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for data communication networks in Poland, we offer stable solutions, technical support and service. Prices for equipment, due to the polish origin, are very competitive compared to prices of other distributors or manufacturers in Poland. We always try to be flexible in adapting our products to specific customer requirements, thereby we increase the number of our customers every year.

As a company, whose owners are experienced engineers and designers of BITSTREAM products, we also offer training and technical workshops. Beacause every day we test various solutions and application development, we also offer our services for R & D projects.

Since the beginning our devices have been built on the principle of compatibility with other brands as well as transparency and ease of management. Due to the constantly growing market for data transmission equipment we offer constant improvement and development. Prices of the products include free application management support – BTNET. Moreover, during the lifetime of device we provide technical assistance and full support according to our knowledge and experience.