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Bitstream part of the Polish border security system


Bitstream part of the Polish border security system

We contributed to being part of the Polish border security system. We are proud that Bitstream had the opportunity to participate in the construction of the electronic barrier on the Polish-Belarusian border. The barrier on the border is a response to the ongoing migration pressure organised by the Belarusian regime since mid-2021.
State-of-the-art technology was used in the implementation. The entire system of day-night cameras, thermal imaging and motion sensors is switched on for as much as 206 kilometres, making it possible to monitor the border around the clock. We are pleased to have been the one to supply the teletransmission equipment for the dam on the Polish-Belarusian border and to have demonstrated professionalism, flexibility and reliability.

Bitstream equipment ensures security

For a project of such importance, everything from the design and construction to the equipment and network operation had to be reliably prepared and well secured on our part. We are proud to have been able to guarantee this and to have achieved the goal of effective control and monitoring of traffic on the Polish-Belarusian border. Importantly, the teletransmission system contributed to increased security and improved border management.

Scope of deliveries carried out by Bitstream

As part of the project, we carried out the supply of teletransmission equipment and monitoring systems, including:

  • over 2,000 pieces of industrial equipment from the Hyperion-105, Hyperion-402, Quazar and Setebos families,
  • over 2 000 extender modules
  • over 2 000 T/H-1 sensors,
  • more than 4 000 SFP modules.

Bitstream as equipment supplier - testimonials

The assessment of Elektrotim from Wrocław, the company ordering our equipment, was very satisfactory. In their own words: "The delivery was on time, the goods were complete and met the requirements according to the project. Bitstream S.A demonstrated a high level of technical support during the implementation process of the teletransmission system".

We are extremely pleased with the references issued, as we were keen to demonstrate professionalism and flexibility at every stage of cooperation, especially with such an important project, from the first contact, through carrying out an analysis of needs and technical specifications, to the delivery and implementation of the teletransmission system.

We did our utmost to ensure that the equipment we supplied was of the highest quality and robustness, which is extremely important given the weather conditions and security requirements that must be met at the Polish-Belarusian border. The teletransmission system has been designed to meet the latest standards and to be easily upgradable in the future.