MEGAMUX-8EN device is an Ethernet inverse multiplexer with 8 x E1 (G.703 2048kbit/s) interfaces. It allows connection of Ethernet network using one to sixteen E1 channels aggregating their band. Joining of E1 streams into a common transmission channel is based on inverse multiplexation with in-built mechanisms adapting differences in times of transferring packages in separate lines. By using 8 E1 channels, it is possible to obtain the maximum throughput of 16.384 Mbit/s for Ethernet packages.

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Basic information

  • Point-to-point working mode: Connection of two GigabitEthernet LANs over up to eight E1 lines (16,384 Mbit/s),
  • Point-to-multipoint working mode: As concentrator, collect traffic from different LANs connected by E1 lines,
  • Built-in 6-port Gigabit Ethernet switch (4 electrical ports and 2 SFP ports) IEEE 802.1q, 802.1QinQ, 802.1p and DSCP/ToS QoS support,
  • Automatic E1 channel failure detection,
  • Management: SNMP, WWW, TELNET,
  • Optional power supply redundancy,
  • Supply voltage range 36 to 60V DC,
  • Dimensions 483 x 170 x 44 mm, weight < 1,7 kg.


Ethernet transmission channel may be set as transparent or divided into independent transmission channels through the virtual VLAN mechanism. Up to 64 independent VLANs are supported. MEGAMUX-8EN supports advanced Ethernet interface features like VLAN stacking (QinQ, IEEE802.1ad), jumbo frame size (10K bytes), programmable rate limiting and port priority setting (depending on default port priority, VLAN priority, IP DSCP/TOS field or MAC destnation/source address).


MEGAMUX-8EN multiplexer is powered from DC voltage from 36 to 60V power supply or from an external adapter in case of AC voltage. Total power consumption does not exceed 17W. Device can be optionally equipped with redundant power supply module.

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