Wireless Router GSM 2G/3G/4G Ethernet/RS232/485/USB Metering Interfaces.

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Basic information

  • 1 (2)x WAN independent 2G/3G/(4G LTE) modems,
  • 1x LAN Ethernet 10/100Mbps,
  • 2x digital inputs,
  • 1x RS232/485 virtual-com,
  • 1x RS232 virtual-com,
  • Secure access SNMPv3, HTTPS, SSH,
  • 1x relay output 230V,
  • 1x low voltage relay output,
  • Functionality of IO ports implemented in accordance with the specific customer requirements,
  • 1x USB OTG,
  • Static routing, Firewall, NAT, Masquerade,
  • Additional optional security mechanisms: IPsec, Open VPN, GRE,
  • Operating temperatures -40 to +75°C,
  • Durable metal casing IP-30 DIN,
  • Power supply 9-60V DC,
  • Dimensions 135x125x99 mm, weight: up to 0.7 kg.


The MAGNETAR-10x router supports access and shared use of high-bandwidth 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. The router supports access to devices connected locally to LAN interfaces and RS232/485 ports. It is additionally fitted with I/Os and provides advanced diagnostic functionality. Dedicated for use in weather stations, remote reading of electricity meters and where there is a need to reduce costs and simple and reliable and small construction. Supported routing protocols RIP, OSPF.

Control-metering interfaces

Apart from Ethernet ports, the MAGNETAR-10x router can be equipped with additional interfaces for extended functionality:

  • One RS232/485 serial interface and one RS232 serial interface for communication with external devices via Ethernet/IP,
  • Two digital I/O for access violation detection,
  • Input/output interfaces only available with screw connections for RS interface.

Environmental requirements

The router was designed to operate in temperatures from -40 to +75°C. The durable IP-30 casing ensures protection of the device in harsh working conditions. MAGNETAR-10x can be mounted on a standard DIN bus.

Información adicional

Peso1 kg

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