Transmission systems

SDH solutions combined with PDH multiplexers are mainly used by uniformed and public services. We have been offering PDH equipment tailored to our customers’ needs for over 20 years.

Despite the passage of years, PDH products are still desired by our customers because they respond to their needs.

The advantages of our solutions include their reliability in operation, the ability to manage and monitor their operation in a Btnet environment, the unprecedented amount of Ethernet available from other manufacturers, which displaces PDH and SDH systems. To meet the needs of customers who are gradually modernizing their networks due to devices that are expected to operate for several years, we also provide communication for older interfaces, i.e. FXO / FXS.

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PDH/SDH transmission

Nowadays, in response to our customers’ needs, we are not limited to PDH multipliers connecting communication signals. We offer expanded solutions called Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms MSPP. We can integrate our devices with any SDH solution, including those that support MPLS-TP services, creating a hybrid network that ensures precise synchronisation, redundant lossless transmission and network reliability. In an optimised way, we give you the opportunity to continue using the equipment you have already invested in. Digitisation doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think.

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