Location:  Whole Poland

Completion date:  2021


Comprehensive implementation of the LAN network for PGNiG TERMIKA SA.

Scope of work

Comprehensive implementation including: sale, delivery, assembly, configuration and commissioning of SETEBOS-2S devices. It concerns the control and measurement system for supervision and control over LAN network facilities at PGNiG TERMIKA SA.

The SETEBOS-2S device is a control and measurement unit intended for supervision and control of objects, recording environmental parameters, events of violation of the object’s space, flooding, etc. The device enables remote control of devices located in the monitored object

The device is equipped with wireless communication interfaces that allow for the control and monitoring of elements present in the facility that are not connected to the wired interfaces of the device as well as monitoring with the use of mobile user devices (tablet, mobile phone, etc.) by installing an appropriate monitoring application.

The built-in HTTP / HTTPS server, TELNET / SSH server and SNMP / SNMPv3 agent allows for free configuration of device parameters through a standard web browser and constant monitoring of the device status from any management platforms equipped with SNMP protocol. Additionally, the built-in SMTP protocol support allows the operator to be notified by e-mail in the event of any defined event in the system. Remote reading of device parameters and states via the Modbus / TCP protocol.