BS MX 110

Fiber optic multiplexer with eight I / O interfaces and RS-232 / RS-485/422 interface. Transparent transmission of the data stream, combining information from I / O and RS232 / 422/485 ports, creates a flexible spectrum of potential applications, where it is important to have the shortest delay time provided by devices and no interference in the structure of the transmitted data.

Fibre optic interface multiplexer 8x I/O and 1/2x RS232/422/485 BS MX 110


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Fiber optic multiplexer BS MX 110

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Screw connection for wire with cross-section up to 3mm 2
Four comparator inputs with a fixed threshold of V in = 154V DC or other – configurable at the device production level
Four parametric inputs (configurable via CLI) with variable trigger level V in = 12, 24, 48, 110, 125, 220, 250V DC
Working range: between 0.8 and 1.1 V in, nom with disturbances up to 15% of V in, nom
Power consumption at the inputs:
  • Vin = 12 ÷ 110V DC P = 0.05W ± 30%
  • Vin> 110V DC Vin x 1mA ± 30%, in the ESI 48-4 option it is possible to configure the value of the current consumption on 4 inputs and it is then constant in the entire voltage range
Isolation between inputs greater than 50MΩ / 500V
Noise filtering on parametric inputs in accordance with the ESI 48-4 EB2 standard
Screw connection for a wire with a cross-section of: up to 3mm 2
8 outputs with NO / NC contacts
Maximum rated voltage of contacts: 400V AC / 250V DC
Continuous current: 8A / 250V AC, 8A / 24VDC, 0.4A / 250V DC
Maximum continuous current: 10A / 20ms
Maximum switching power: 2000 W (VA)
Utilization category: AC1, AC15, AC3, DC1, DC13
Switching capacity: 1000W (VA) at L / R = 40 ms
Current interruption:
  • for 220V DC and L / R = 40 ms – 0.45A
  • for 230V AC and cos Φ = 0.4 – 5.5A
Two modes of operation
  • FAST (immediate reaction to signal change)
  • SECURE (reaction with confirmation)
  • NO / NC alarm connector
    Entry-exit delay ≤ 17 ms
    Delay with active load ≤ 24 ms, ESI 2, V in <250V 10uF CDT
    PN-EN 55011:2012
    PN-EN 60255-26:2014-01
    PN-EN 60255-27:2014-06
    1x RJ45 connector
    2x RS232 with transmission speed up to 230kbps
    RS422 / 485 with transmission speed up to 2Mbps
    Latency for RS232 <400ns
    Latency for RS485 <400ns
    DIP-SWITCH configuration
    SM, MM, WDM, 1310nm, 1550nm
    Fiber type 9 / 125um, 50 / 125um, 62.5 / 125um
    SC / PC connector
    Ranges depending on the type of optical port 15km, 50km, 120km (1550nm), 20km WDM, 40km WDM, 60km WDM
    Version with one or two optical ports available
    Bus or ring operation up to 4 pieces
    CLI / RS232, 9600bps
    Supply voltage ranges (depending on the version):
    • 12-36V DC
    • 30-113V AC / 40-160V DC
    • 85-264 AC / 100-370V DC
    Power consumption up to 5W
    Housing 166x285x50mm
    Can be mounted on a DIN rail
    Can be mounted to the wall
    Weight 1.3 kg
    Standard working temperature: -40 to + 70 ° C
    Standard operating ambient humidity: 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
    Location type: class C in accordance with PN-EN 60870-2-2 – sheltered locations
    Additional security: Conformal Coating
    Protection class in accordance with IP-30

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