SYRIUSZ-101 is a three-port Ethernet frame switch equipped with two 10/100 / 1000Mbit / s electrical interfaces and one 100 / 1000Mbit / s SFP interface.


  • 3-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) technology

  • VLAN support: – tagging / removing VLAN tags based on VLAN ID or port number – 802.1 QinQ support, provider port configuration

  • Possibility to limit the bit rate at the port input: – Defining up to five different bit rate limits on the port for each frame priority – Possibility to create exceptions for the defined MAC addresses – Possibility to define the bit rate limits for the broadcast frames

  • Support for four classes of traffic, prioritization based on default port priority, priority compatible with 802.1p, VLAN number, DSCP / ToS field, MAC address

  • Possibility to limit the bit rate at the port output for individual queues or the entire port (shaping)

  • 8k MAC table, the ability to disable learning MAC addresses on ports

  • Jumbo frame support up to 10240 Bytes

  • Management: SNMP, WWW, Telnet

  • Redundant power supply, two power connectors

SYRIUSZ supports Energy Efficient Ethernet technology (compliant with IEEE 802.3az), which allows you to significantly reduce energy consumption by matching the energy consumption on the RJ45 port to the length of the cable and allows the electrical port to go to sleep if the device connected to it is not active.

It is possible to allocate the available transmission band on each port of the switch (it is possible to define up to 5 different bitrate limits for each frame priority at the input of each port and limit the output rate for both the entire port and its individual queues). Priorities for individual frames can be allocated based on the default port priority, 802.1p compatible frame priority, VLAN number, DSCP / ToS field, MAC address (source or destination). The available Ethernet data stream transmission channel can be divided into up to 64 independent transmission channels using virtual VLAN mechanisms. SYRIUSZ-101-1 has the option of configuring Ethernet ports in provider’s mode (with a configurable Ethertype value), allowing complete isolation of traffic from individual client ports. The switch supports jumbo frames up to 10240 Bytes and has a MAC table for 8096 addresses.

Embedding the HTTP server, TELNET server and SNMP agent allows free configuration of the device parameters through a standard web browser and constant monitoring of damages from any management platform equipped with the SNMP protocol. In addition, the built-in SMTP protocol support notifies the operator by e-mail in the event of a system failure. The device is equipped with the option of replacing the software directly by the user allowing for easy improvement of utility values ​​after installing the device at the customer.

The SYRIUSZ-101 switch is powered from 12 to 60V DC or from an external power supply attached to the device in the case of AC voltage. The device is equipped with two power connectors enabling continuous operation in the event of damage to any of the power sources.

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