Ethernet/RS232/485/IO/TH control and measuring unit with automation control functionality


• 1x 10 Mbit / s Ethernet – management / monitoring.
• 1-wire interface for external sensors, temperature, humidity, other measured values, pink point calculation or multi-point external temperature.
• Control of relay outputs, NO / NC connectors.
• Digital inputs with “dry contact” optoisolation.
• 3x RS232 / RS485 / RS422 interfaces with a separate galvanic, transferred RS station, external management devices or for communication with sensors, including one virtual com.
• possibility of joining the extensions: additional input, output, size measurements.
• Remote software upgrade.
• WWW, SNMP, SMTP, TELNET, SNTP, Syslog management.
• Working temperature from -40 to + 70 ° C.
• IP-30 DIN metal housing resistant.
• DC / AC power supply.

The SETEBOS-2N device with its basic functionality is controlled and controlled by a controlled infrastructure, recording parameters and temperature. Additional information on how to register events in the space of the facility, flooding, etc. In addition, the device available in the monitored system through two “contact relay” outputs. RS232 / 485/422 interfaces for communication with external devices via Ethernet / IP network or to other devices used to extend measuring or monitoring functions. SETEBOS-2N thanks to the serial interface can be equipped with additional external modules that allow to extend the functionality of the device. The device can be powered directly from the device.


Built-in HTTP server, TELNET server and SNMP v1 agent allows for free configuration of device parameters through a standard web browser and continuous monitoring of device status from any management platforms equipped with SNMP protocol. Additionally, the built-in SMTP protocol support allows you to notify the operator by e-mail in the event of any defined event in the system. It is possible to freely configure the content of messages sent by the device via SNMP (TRAP) and syslog. In dedicated applications, an application is provided that, depending on the modules installed, can be used to control and monitor objects as well as to control the building’s automation according to the algorithms.


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