Environment monitoring and control unit


SETEBOS device is environment monitoring and control unit that provides supervising and recording of critical environmental conditions of the facilities such as temperature and humidity, monitors – through relevant inputs – the events of violation of the facility’s space, flooding, fire etc. In addition, it enables remote control of devices placed in the monitored facility by means of four embedded type “relay contact” outputs. Two of them allow for direct connection of relays to control the elements powered with 230V AC voltage, for example, to automatically switch on air-conditioning after the temperature rises above a set point or to restart a server. RS232/485/422 interfaces allow communication with external devices via Ethernet/IP networks, or connection of peripherals or extensions for the measuring and monitoring
functions. The serial interface also allows the connection of additional external modules to further expand the device’s functionality. DC voltage measuring inputs are also available.
There is a possibility to extend the scope of operation of the device with the following additional modules: four outputs module, four inputs module, GSM module. All device interfaces brought outside (apart from inputs of T and of T/H sensors) are galvanically insulated. Dedicated applications are provided with an application which, depending on the modules installed, can be used for object control and monitoring purposes as well as smart-building automation control based on the applicable algorithms. SETEBOS, depending on the version, can be powered with direct voltage within the range of 9-60V DC. The total device power input does not exceed 6W. SETEBOS can be mounted on the DIN rail or in Rack using fastening strip.

• Temperature and humidity monitoring with dew point calculation or multi-point external temperature monitoring
• Monitor and control of environmental conditions over IP/Ethernet network
• Response to alarms: SNMP trap, E-mail, WWW alarms, optional sending a SMS alert via an extermal GSM modem
• Control of 4(8) outputs a “relay contact”
• Monitoring of status 4 (8) parametric inputs with optical isolation optional
• Optically isolated measurement of two DC voltages within the range of 0–60 V, optionally 3 measurement inputs in additional module
• 1-wire interface for external sensors
• RS232/485 virtual console to provide serial communication with external devices over IP/Ethernet network
• Optional: Battery powered and GPRS modem
• Management: WWW, SNMP, SMTP, TELNET, SNTP,


Additional accessories:

• T-2 – Temperature sensor, 2 meters
• T-5 – Temperature sensor, 5 meters
• T-10 – Temperature sensor, 10 meters
• T-50 – Temperature sensor, 50 meters
• T/H-10 – Temperature/humidity sensor, 10 meters
• T/H-5 – Temperature/humidity sensor, 5 meters
• T/H-2 – Temperature/humidity sensor, 2 meters
• RL230 – AC Relay o control the elements powered with 230 V voltage
• CZ – Flood detector
• CG – Methane detector


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