QUAZAR-500 is a manageable analyzer for network synchronization quality and time server equipped with a GPS module and 4/8x SFP+ (1G/2,5G/10Gb/s) slots and 2x RJ45 as NMI ports, this allows simultaneous monitoring of the synchronization signals for SYNCE and for PTP. Distinguished also by the numbers of ports and speed of 10Gbps Ethernet ports, which is used in intelligent applications for energy sector and telecommunications.

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Basic information

  • Managed analyzer for network synchronization quality with 4/8x slots SFP+ (1G/2,5G/10Gb/s),
  • Qualitative analysis of up to 8 IEEE15800 PTPv2 clock domains for the profiles G.8275.1 (telecommunication profile) and C37.238 (Energy sector profile),
  • Qualitative analysis of up to 4 synchronous Ethernet clock domains along with SSM ITU message analysis T- G8264,
  • PTPv.2 built-in time server, NTP, SyncE, SNTP. ToD, PPS, 10MHz, G.703/G.704,
  • The accuracy of GPS-synchronized reference time is better than ± 15ns,
  • Precise local OCXO oscillator for sustaining purposes,
  • High-performance CPU for system management,
  • Built-in LCD display for the lecture of selected parameters,
  • Multisystem GPS receiver, Galileo, Glonass, Beidou,
  • IEEE802.1x authentication, RADIUS, Tacacs+, -AAA,
  • Internal data memory for local data archiving (up to 72 hours of data),
  • Ipv4, Ipv6, WWW, telnet, SSH and local CLI management, SNMP v1/v2c/v3v,
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to +60°C,
  • Redundant power supply of 80-360 V DC, 75-270 V AC or 45 – 60V DC,


Depending on the version, the device can be equipped with 4 or 8 SPF+ 10Gbts slots, which corresponds to 4 or 8 PTPv2 streaming transmission channels and, respectively, with 2 or 4 SyncE clock domains. QUAZAR-500 is also equipped with a GPS module with a precision of ± 10ns or 40ns with an OCXO local oscillator. This provide reference signals and the ability to transmit PPS (pulse per seconds) signals to subsequent monitoring devices.
The device has a buit-in memory for data storage, allowing a local storage measurement statistics up to 72 hours. Additionally, it is possible to present the results in the form of statistics, logs and charts in dedicated analytical software and systems.

In the basic version of the device, the analyzer will offer the ability to monitoring parameters such as:

  • PTP 2WAY TE(2way Time Error)
  • PTP datasets (minimum login: GrandmastrID, clock class, clock accuracy, priority2, steps removed)
  • SyncE TIE
  • SyncE MTIE (Time Interval Error)
  • SyncE TDEV( Time Deviation)
  • SSM (log changes)
  • Presentation of time charts in the GUI (WWW)

On the other hand, the measurements available in PTPv2 profile are:

  • IEEE1588 Custom Profile
  • G.8275.1
  • G.8265.1
  • C37.238

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