HYPERION-300 is Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch equipped with eight 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 (with PoE+ support) and 100M/1G/2.5Gps SFP ports and additional interfaces measurement and control. It is dedicated to provide the transmission of applications, supervision and operation of power stations, CCTV and other applications for the industry.

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Basic information

  • Industrial switch with 2x SFP 100/1000M/2.5Gbps, 2/6x SFP 100/1000Mb/s, 8/2x RJ45 10/100/1000Mb/s (in version Hyperion-301: two ports RJ45/SFP – combo) and additional interfaces measurement and control,
  • PoE÷PoE+ (optional) support up to 30W per port, (all ports max. 240W), Watchdog PoE,
  • ‘ITU-T G.8032’ Ethernet ring support, up to 20ms protection and recovery switching,
  • Optionally1 IEEE 1588-2008v.2 (PTPv2): precise time synchronization, hardware support for timestamping; precise time synchronization for real-time applications,
  • Optional support for Synchronous Ethernet,
  • Optional control and measurement functions: 3x RS232/485 virtual-com, 1-Wire (T/H), 1x digital input, 4x relay outputs,
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support,
  • Radius centralized password management,
  • PROFINET Conformance Class A, DNP3, DLMS support,
  • Ethernet OAM (Link and Service OAM) support,
  • Security: SNMPv3, Https, SSH management,
  • -40 to +85°C operating temperature,
  • IP-30 DIN mounted metal enclosure,
  • Redundant power supply DC,
  • Dimensions 135x125x99 mm, weight approx 0,90kg.

Network resiliency

HYPERION-300 switch supports Ethernet Ring Protection Switching according to the ITU-T G.8032 standard, providing up to 20ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet traffic in ring topologies. Standard resiliency spanning tree protocols like STP, RSTP, MSTP are also supported to ensure system reliability.


HYPERION-300 switch is fitted with a number of QoS mechanisms. The devices support eight traffic classes, transmission priorities for individual frames can be assigned on the basis of port priorities, MAC addresses, VLAN IDs, DSCP/ToS values or TCP/UDP port numbers. The available bandwidth can be adjusted for input and output for both the respective ports and individual queues (priorities).

Network Performance

HYPERION-300 supports IEEE 1588 v.2 Precision Time Protocol (optionally1) to provide precise time synchronization for applications with restrictive real-time requirements. Ethernet transmission channel may be set as transparent or divided into independent transmission channels through the virtual VLAN mechanism. Device supports advanced Ethernet interface features like VLAN stacking (QinQ, IEEE802.1ad), private VLANs, LACP links aggregation,
jumbo frame size, programmable rate limiting and port priority setting. Moreover despite typical 1Gbit/s SFP modules HYPERION-301-1-PoE switches can be connected using 2.5Gbps optical modules. Device supports Ethernet OAM features (Link OAM and Service OAM), providing effective fault management and performance monitoring (remote loopbacks, continuity checks using CFM messages, performance monitoring measurements such as frame loss ratio, frame delay and frame delay variation).

Control and measurement interfaces

In addition to Ethernet ports, the HYPERION-300 can be equipped with additional interfaces to extend its capabilities:

  • One RS232/485 serial interface for communication with external devices via Ethernet/IP,
  • Two RS232 interfaces to connect GPRS modems for wireless management via GSM network,
  • 1-wire interface for connecting temperature and humidity sensors,
  • One digital input to detect a room violation (e.g. flooding) – up to 4 relay outputs for monitoring external devices.

In Hyperion-300 the openDNP3 protocol has been implemented in slave mode. The openDNP3 protocol uses an open implementation of the IEEE-1815 protocol (DNP3) and is mainly used to communicate with SCADA systems (Master Station).
Additionally, HYPERION-300 supports the DLMS protocol for communication and reading of energy meters.

Power supply PoE+

Hyperion-300 can optionally support PoE÷PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) technology compliance with standards IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at. In PoE+ technology, the port can work with power up to 30 W, and on all ports max. power up to 240W.


HYPERION-300 switch can be used to provide reliable connections between SCADA system and network controllers, to create IP CCTV monitoring systems, to provide communication for wind farms, to monitor environmental parameters in harsh environment, to realize smart grid applications and in many others industrial applications.

Environmental limits

Switch was designed to operate in temperature range from -40 to +85° C. Solid IP-30 metal enclosures stable operation in heavy environment. HYPERION-300 can be mounted on a standard DIN rail. Redundant power supply provides stable and continuous operation in case of one power supply failing.
HYPERION-300 device supports Energy Efficient Ethernet technology (compatible with IEEE 802.3az). This technology allows significant reduction of energy consumption by optimizing energy consumption based on the traffic load of the port and allows the electrical port to go into sleep mode if the device connected to it is not active. The switch also has power adjustment functions on the RJ45 port depending on the length of the UTP cable.

Additional information

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