HYPERION-200 GPS is an advanced managed industrial L2/L3, 10/1 Gigabit Ethernet switch equipped with RJ45 port 8/16x 10/100/1000Mbps or 8x 100/1000Mbps SFP and 4x 1G/2.5G/10Gbps SFP/SFP+ with a matrix up to 160 Gbps for transmission in power plants, CCTV and other industrial applications.

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Basic information

  • Family of industrial Ethernet switches in a housing DIN and up to 16 ports in various port configurations 8/16x 10M/100M/1Gbps RJ45 or 8x 100M/1G SFP slots and module with 4x1G/2,5G/10Gb SFP+ slots,
  • Additional NMI UTP RJ45 10/100Mbit/s management port,
  • Spanning Tree, RSTP and MSTP protocol support,
  • Support for Ethernet protection: ITU-T G.8032 v2 ring topology protection with multiple rings up to 64 rings at once, connection reconfiguration in up to 20 ms,
  • Secure transmission with IEEE 802.1ae MACsec# – data encryption and integrity 128-bit AES keys on each UTP,
  • HSR and PRP (IEC 62439-3 Clause 5 & 4) protection support on dedicated ports,
  • Standard IEEE 1588-2008v.2 (PTPv2): precise time protocol synchronization, hardware timestamping with profile 1588,
  • Energy Saving with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE),
  • Support for the PROFINET Conformance Class A protocol,
  • Ethernet OAM support (Link OAM and Service OAM),
  • Standard built-in overvoltage protection on RJ45 ports, ITU-T K.44 4kV 10 / 700us,
  • Reflectometric test for used pairs in UTP cable,
  • DDMI monitoring functions,
  • Standard I/O functions: interface 4 inputs and 2 ‘cc’ outputs for monitoring, alarm and control,
  • Management IP, IPv6, Web browser, telnet, SSH and local console, SNMP v1/v2c/v3,
  • SNMPv3, HTTPS, SSH and IEEE802.1x, Radius, Tacacs+ – AAA access security,
  • IEC61850–3, IEEE1613 design compliance for power substation,
  • -40 to +85°C operating temperature,
  • Rugged metal housing for DIN rail mounting,
  • Power supply 36-60 V DC or 120-260V DC/100-240V AC,
  • Dimensions 141 or 183x135x120 mm, weight up to 2.5kg.

Optional functions

  • L3 routing hardware support – static routing,
  • PoE÷PoE++ on all ports up to 90W power, with PoE watchdog and 500W total power on device,
  • Available version of time server with GPS module for time synchronization equipped with OCXO on-board generators with different stability,
  • Available version with lossless redundancy module HSR/PRP IEC62439-3 Clause 5 & 4.

Optional functions under license

  • Extension with the IEEE 1588-2008v.2 (PTPv2) Power Profile protocol; real-time synchronization of energy applications in accordance with IEEE standards C37.238-2011, C37.238-2017; IEC61850-9-3,
  • Activating the G.8261 Synchronous Ethernet function.

Optional functions under license for the GPS module

  • 1PPS (One Pulse Per Second) signal input/output,
  • 10Mhz clock signal input/output,
  • ToD (Time-of-Day) signal input/output,
  • Output synchronization signal E1 G.703, G.704,
  • 1x IRIG-B DCLS TTL on SMA connector and 1x IRIG-B RS422 twisted pair lines on RJ45 connector or 2x IRIG-B RS422 twisted pair lines on RJ45 connector.

Network security

The HYPERION-200 switches has a built-in MACSec# IEEE 802.1ae security protocol, which in addition to data encryption also has a data integrity function that enables detection of events involving entering false data into the network during attempted hacker attacks of the “man in the middle” type. MACsec also enables the data integrity function itself to be ensured without encryption. For transmission encryption we can use 128 AES keys for each UTP ports.

Selected functions

Ethernet transmission channels may be set as transparent or divided into independent transmission channels through the virtual VLAN mechanism. Device supports advanced Ethernet interface features like VLAN stacking (QinQ, IEEE802.1ad), private VLANs, LACP links aggregation and jumbo frame size. In addition to typical SFP 1.25Gbit/s modules, HYPERION-200 switches can work with 10Gbit/s SFP + optical modules. The switch is equipped with a number of QoS mechanisms. HYPERION-200 supports eight traffic classes, and transmission priorities for individual frames can be assigned based on port priorities, MAC addresses, VLAN ID, DSCP/ToS values and TCP/UDP port numbers. The available transmission bandwidth can be adjusted in the direction of input and output for ports and as well as for individual queues (priority).

Environmental limits

Switch was designed to operate in temperature range from -40 to +85°C depending on air flow. Solid IP-30 metal enclosures ensure stable operation in heavy environment. Redundant power supply provides stable and continuous operation in case of one power supply failure. HYPERION-200 device supports Energy Efficient Ethernet functionality (IEEE 802.3az) allowing for less power consumption by putting Ethernet ports into “sleep” mode during periods of low data activity and adjusting the power according to Ethernet cable length.

PoE ++ power supply

Hyperion-200 can optionally support PoE ÷ PoE ++ (Power over Ethernet) technology compliant with IEEE802.3af, IEEE802.3at standards. In PoE ++ technology, each port can work with power up to 90 W, with a power budget for the whole device up to 500W.

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