CHIRON-4E1 multiplexer uses TDM over IP technology to transport four E1 2048kbit/s channels over Ethernet/IP network. Each E1 channel, along with it’s framing and signaling bits, is encapsulated into IP packets with it’s own IP address, VLAN ID, label and packet size. Device realise E1 to packet and packet to E1 conversion mechanism using the SAToP technology.

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Basic information

  • Tranmission of up to 4x E1 PDH, G.703/704/723 E1 2048Mbit/s channels over Ethernet/IP network,
  • Built-in 5 port Gigabit Ethernet switch (4x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s RJ45 and 1x 1000Mbit/s SFP),
  • Supports only point-to-point applications, 4 independent E1 interfaces,
  • Configurable jitter buffer depth,
  • QoS (802.1p and Diffserv) and VLAN (802.1q, 802.1QinQ) support, egress and ingress rate limiting,
  • Local and remote software update, both firmware and GUI,
  • E1 physical layer alarms,
  • Local & remote loopback controls for diagnostics and troubleshooting,
  • SNMP, WWW, TELNET management,
  • Dimensions: 483x170x44 mm, weight: 1.7 kg.


CHIRON-4E1 can work as multiplexer in point-to-point applications. Using CHIRON-4E1 multiplexer E1 data can be easily transported through the existing Ethernet or IP networks using any devices operating at layer 2 or layer 3 like switch, router, bridge or radio line. CHIRON-4E1 supports priority labeling ( according to IEEE 802.1p ) of encapsulated TDM traffic to ensure highest quality of transmission. An adaptive clock recovery mechanism provides reliable TDM clock recover, even under variable network conditions.
Built-in Ethernet switch with four electrical 10/100/1000 Mbit/s ports and one 1000Mbit/s SFP port allow the User to create optical and copper E1 over IP connections with possibilty to assign each E1 port to specific Ethernet port.

Additional information

Weight1.7 kg

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