ANYMUX-E1 / G.SHDL is a device designed for users with a demand for classic voice connections.

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Basic information

  • Providing transmission E1 G.703/G.704 through G.SHDSL connection over single pair copper line for point-to-point E1 connectivity between two sites,
  • Built-in local Ethernet switch with an array of 1000 MAC addresses,
  • IEEE 802.1q support. Possibility of defining up to 15 VLAN networks (full range VID) in order to create independent transmission channels,
  • Possibility of limiting bandwidth of the Ethernet ports,
  • SNMP, WWW, SMTP, TELNET, SNTP local item management,
  • Local software update – both firmware and GUI,
  • Power range 12 to 60V DC,
  • Dimension 103x230x53mm, weight to 1kg,


ANYMUX-E1/G.SHDSL is able to transport E1 2.048Mbps according to G.703/G.704 standard through G.SHDSL connection at maximum data rate of 2.048Mbps over one copper pair wires. ANYMUX E1/G.SHDSL transmits E1 data signal to the range of up to 4 km over 0.4mm2 copper wires.
ANYMUX-E1/G.SHDS is equipped with 4 ports Ethernet switch for local side use. Each port supports programmable rate limiting from 64kbps to 4608kbps. Ethernet transmission channel may be divided into independent transmission channels through the virtual VLAN mechanism. Up to 16 independent VLANs are supported (full range VID: 0-4095). VLAN tag/untag options, per-port basis. Embedded HTTP server, TELNET server and SNMP agent allows free configuration of the device performance by standard Web browser and continuous monitoring from any management platforms equipped with SNMP client. In addition, built-in SMTP service daemon allows to notify the operator in case of system failure.

Additional information

Weight1 kg

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