Fiber optic converters series TR-55, connecting devices equipped with an interface with the recommendation RS-232 / C, RS-422 and RS-485 with support for single-mode or multimode fiber lines.
In the version from the converter version it is possible to implement connections in point-topology or fiber-optic bus topology, including connections with protection.
Devices also working on the basis of WDM. This solution can be used. The use of a fiber-optic data carrier to ensure full performance.
In direct connection with the television you can also get coverage broadcast.
The TR-55 converters are equipped with one electric port, customizable by the user in their needs. Depending on the version – one or two fiber optic ports.
Conversion to interfaces is possible. It is also optical signaling of the link from the optical fiber, which streamlines the process. It gives you a full projection and optimization of its costs. Option to work with security to ensure the security and safety of data being transmitted. Power sources can be supplied from 6 to 60 V DC.
The converter housing has a latch for fast mounting of the device on a typical DIN EN 50 022 DIN rail.


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