3Port Gigabit Ethernet switch with 1 SFP port and optional control and measurement functions.


SYRIUSZ is a three-port 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet switch equipped with two electrical and one optical interface (realized by SFP module). SYRIUSZ device supports Energy Efficient Ethernet functionality (IEEE 802.3az) allowing for less power consumption by putting Ethernet ports into “sleep” mode during periods of low data activity and adjusting the power accordingly to Ethernet cable length.

Ethernet transmission channel may be divided into independent transmission channels through the virtual

VLAN mechanism. Up to 64 independent VLANs are supported. Multiple provider ports with programmable Ethertype can be created. Device supports programmable ingress rate limiting (5 ingress Rate limiting buckets per port, supporting Rate-based and Priority based rate limiting) and port priority setting (depending on default port priority, VLAN priority, IP DSCP/TOS field or MAC destination/source address). Egress Rate shaping can be configured on all ports and all queues per port. Switch supports up to 8096 MAC addresses and up to 10K jumbo frames.

Embedded HTTP server, TELNET server and SNMP agent allows free configuration of the device performance by standard Web browser and continuous monitoring from any management platforms equipped with

SNMP client. In addition, built-in SMTP service daemon allows to notify the operator in case of system failure.

Remote software update is supported to allow further functionality improving.

In addition to typical switch functionality SYRIUSZ-CEN version of the device is able to realise control and measurement functions. 1-Wire Interface can be used to connect external (temperature, humidity) sensors.


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