Optical multiplexer of 2x RS232/422/485 serial interfaces


RSMUX3-FO is a multiplexer of 2x RS232/422/485 streams into fiber. Multiplexer allows connection of RS232/422/485 serial interfaces over fiber links with the maximum distance of 100km and provides complete isolation between devices and resistance to disturbance occurring along transmission path. Depending on the specific versions, device can be connected using multi-mode or single-mode fiber. WDM and SFP versions also available. In basic version device is equipped with one fiber optic interface, version with two optical interfaces is also available.
Optimized and automatic tracking mechanisms continuity and its restoration after removing the failure allows maintenance-free operation for the lifetime.
RSMUX3-FO also performs the function of converting any signals involving the exchange, for example, RS-232 to RS-485 or RS-422, which is realized by means of two devices connected to each fiber.
RSMUX3-FO provides fully transparent operation. Each serial interface is sampled with a frequency of 20Mhz, which allows on data throughput of the RS to 230.4 Kbps (RS-232) and 2Mbps (RS-485/RS-422) with +/-60ns pulse time distortion. RS485 ports can be set up for 2-wire or 4-wire. Depending on the version of the device, multiplexer can work in point to point (with optical path protection), bus and ring topologies. Serial interfaces can be configured through DIP switches.
In addition, each port has two independent LEDs activity data in the transmitter and receiver, which greatly simplifies the process of installation, commissioning and maintenance.
The unique power directly in the range of 110-260V DC and 100-240V AC.


• Multiplexer of 2x RS232/422/485 interfaces with screw connection over fiber links,
• The device has one or two optical interfaces
• Available configurations: POINT-POINT, RING, BUS or two independent converters in one housing
• The configuration of the device through DIP-switch
• Transmission speed up to 2Mbps for RS-485, to 230.4kbps for RS-232
• Support for the protocol IEC103 (FO) only for the ‘MM’
• Single alarm contact NC/NO
• Supply voltage range 110-260V DC or 100-240V AC





Examples of code:
RSMUX3-FO-SFP-Z-B-T-4 RSMUX3-FO version with 1x FO SFP module, with two screw terminals, with Bi-Phase interface, operating temperature from -40°C to +70°C, power supply 36-60V DC


Additional accessories:
• BTP-8503-02TD 155M, 850nm, MM, 2km, SFP, LC, -40~85°C
• BTP-3103-L2TD 155M, 1310nm, MM/SM, 2/20km, SFP, LC, -40~85°C
• BTP-3103-L4TD 155M, 1310nm, SM, 40km, SFP, LC, -40~85°C
• BTP-5503-L8TD 155M, 1310nm, SM, 80km, SFP, LC, -40~85°C
• BTP-5503-12TD 155M, 1310nm, SM, 120km, SFP, LC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-3503L-L2TD 155M, 1310/1550nm, SM, 20km, SFP, WDM, LC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-5303L-L2TD 155M, 1550/1310nm, SM, 20km, SFP, WDM, LC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-3503S-L2TD 155M, 1310/1550nm, SM, 20km, SFP, WDM, SC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-5303S-L2TD 155M, 1550/1310nm, SM, 20km, SFP, WDN, SC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-3503L-L4TD 155M, 1310/1550nm, SM, 40km, SFP, WDM, LC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-5303L-L4TD 155M, 1550/1310nm, SM, 40km, SFP, WDM, LC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-3503S-L4TD 155M, 1310/1550nm, SM, 40km, SFP, WDM, SC, -40~85°C
• BTPB-5303S-L4TD 155M, 1550/1310nm, SM, 40km, SFP, WDM, SC, -40~85°C
• LT-19-01 mounting rail for four RSMUX2 devices in the 19″/2U rack (horizontal installation)


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