IRIG-B module


HYPERION-500 – IRIG-B module

• Non-symmetrical input NRZ 5V DC, connector: BNC,
• Non-symmetrical output NRZ 5V DC, connector: BNC,
• Symmetrical output NRZ 5V DC, connector: Terminal Block,
• Optional optical output: 1x FO simplex, 850nm, ST connector
• Internal conversion of synchronization signals on the IRIG-B DC (TTL) output,
• Synchronization of the Hyperion-500 device via the IRIG-B DC (TLL) input,
• Signal status signaling,
• Module equipped with a button for restoring the default configuration of the switch

Technical Specifications:

• 5V TLL / 50Ω unbalanced output and 5V TLL / 100Ω output symmetrical with a port load up to 50 mA,
• Input 5V TTL / 600Ω asymmetrical,
• Optional optical output: 1x FO simplex, 850nm, ST connector
• Power consumption: <2W
• Housing: Non-oxidizing metal housing with IP30 tightness class
• Working environment: working temperature from -40 to + 70 ° C, humidity (non-condensing): 5% -95%,
• Weight: 0.5 kg,
• Dimensions [mm]: 124 x 104 x 42.

General specification of supported standards and protocols

• IRIG-B DC (TTL) support B000, B002,
• Support for 1PPS signal at the IRIG-B input,

Device and network synchronization

• Provides the synchronization signal extracted from the PTPv.2 protocol in the HYPERION-500 switch on the IRIG-B outputs for synchronizing external devices
• Accepts the synchronization signal from external IRIG-B DC receivers and synchronizes clock circuits in the HYPERION-500.
• Accepts 1PPS signal when generating the basic time unit in the HYPERION 500

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg


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