Low-rate optical converter


BS-MC-50 low-rate optical converters can transmit multi-mode RS232/485, 820/850/1300 nm optical signal used by protection relays (differential, distance, voltage, frequency protection) over SM/CWDM/DWDM fiber optical path. Local interface is realized by built-in 820/850/1300nm multi-mode optical interface with ST-connectors. Line interface can be realized by SFP modules or built-in optical interface with SC connectors. BS-MC-50 device can be used to provide:

• MM (820nm/1300nm) to SM (1310/1550nm) conversion
• Wavelength conversion (CWDM, DWDM)
• Signal repeating

BS-MC-50-P version of device is equipped with two optical interfaces to provide optical path protection (and ability to operate in ring/bus topology).

  •  Low-rate optical converter dedicated for conversion of optical signals used by protection relays
  •  Range of applications:
    – MM (820nm/1300nm) to SM (1310/1550nm) conversion
    – Wavelength conversion (CWDM, DWDM)
    – Signal repeating
  •  Optical interfaces:
    – Local interface: 820/850nm or 1300nm, ST connectors, up to 115,2kbit/s transmission speed
    – Line interface : SFP or built-in SC connectors, (MM/SM/xWDM)
  •  Port status LED signalization
  •  One or two optical interfaces (1+1 protection, ability to operate in ring/bus topology)
  •  Optional redundant power supply

BS-MC-50 is able to operate in-pair with RSMUX2-FO optical multiplexer to provide optical connectivity between pair of protection relays/ controllers, one using optical RS232/485 interface and second one using electrical RS232/485 interface.


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