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Active synchronization monitoring

The importance of synchronization and precise timing increases with the development of modern technologies and standards in infrastructure networks. It is already necessary in modern 5G networks to control in real time the quality of synchronization, which has become a critical element necessary for the operation of the operator network. Bitstream solutions allow to monitor the distribution of time in the operator’s network throughout its entire section, allowing to deviate from assumptions, avoid human errors and consequently take full control. We give you the possibility to control and observe the synchronization network in real time in a cost effective and safe way.

Improvement of service quality

The key in modern networks, is early detection of anomalies, anticipating events in the synchronization network, which will give us additional time to react and prevent failure before it occurs. Quazar-500 is an advanced platform for monitoring, time and frequency distribution for synchronized devices. Due to the growing importance of synchronization and precise time measurement in many networks, Quazar-500 combined with the monitoring application gives visibility and control of this critical environment for network operations.

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Advanced Management

The devices are not all that, in order to take full advantage of the time synchronization probe, we have created the QuazarNet application which offers a safe and user-friendly environment for managing and supervising the Quazar-500 devices installed in the network, and presents the current status of time and frequency synchronization in a user-friendly way.

Event detection and prevention

Trust or check? …Trust, but check. Continuous monitoring of the synchronization topology, control and verification of TE (Time Error) and TAE (Time Alignment Error) allows network operators to launch appropriate actions in advance.

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Guaranteed precision

Bitstream offers an Ultimate “foresic investigation” tool consisting of a platform that can be freely customized to meet the requirements of your application, combined with Frequency synchronization probe Quazar-500, which you can also use as a precise backup Grand Master Clock in your network.
Synchronization quality probe with up to 8, 10Gbit/s ports,

  • Monitors PTP, Synchronous Ethernet on each port,
  • Built-in high quality GNSS synchronized reference clock,
  • Operates as a Master Clock, Boundry Clock, and passive slave,
  • Full range of auxilary interfaces (I/O) like ToD, E1/G.703, PPS, 10MHz,
  • Could be fixed and mobile probe with transportation toolkit.