Our mission is to be a reliable and trustworthy supplier of reliable data transmission solutions and the Internet of Things working in difficult industrial conditions that meet the high demands of customers.
Our aspiration is to univocally identify us with the statement: "BitStream - install and forget"


Permanent improvement of competences in areas related to the construction of reliable data transmission devices.
Constant improvement of the quality of offered products and services.
Building a competitive advantage in specialized transmission protocols used in the energy and industrial sectors.
Being a leader in transmission applications in PTP synchronization networks and Synchronous Ethernet.
Building a position of a supplier of specialized solutions with a global reach.
Creating a long-term development environment for employees of the company, in which they can realize their ambitions.


Business honesty
Respect for yourself and for our partners
Flexibility in action and cooperation
Professionalism of the work performed
Commitment, passion and cooperation of all employees
Customer's satisfaction
Personal development of employees