A new production line from BitStream

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A new production line from BitStream

With the end of September this year. Bitstream, which specializes in the production of professional time synchronization and data transmission devices, completed the process of modernizing its production line. The change was dictated by the growing interest of critical infrastructure industries in the company’s specialized equipment and the need to produce more reliable and technologically advanced devices due to the level of miniaturization and automation.

Thanks to the support from the European Union, it was possible to implement the purchase of a complete automated production line, including an SMT ATOM-3 assembly machine from EuroPlacer (the first such version in Poland and the 28th in the world), an automatic screen printer, AOI inspection and a system for automatic loading, transport and unloading of manufactured elements. In addition, the investment includes the purchase of a robot to automate the process of soldering of threaded parts, as well as additional tools for testing the final product. The total gross value of the investment amounts to approximately PLN 3.1 million, of which the EU contribution is PLN 1.8 million.

The new technology has allowed the company to introduce full automation of the manufacturing process, opening up new levels of quality and productivity. Compared to the line’s previous configuration, Bitstream has increased the speed of wafer assembly by 13 times, and full robotization of the process allows the company to precisely lay down very small components starting from 0.4×0.2 mm in size. At the same time, the company highlights the fact of automated and much more accurate quality control, carried out by automatic optical inspection AOI.  BITSTREAM is already planning further investments in areas such as automation of conformal couting and rapid prototyping of mechanical components.

– I see this investment as a milestone in the development of the company. Automation of production is an obvious direction for increasing its efficiency and competitiveness, and deciding on this project we put particular emphasis on technological capabilities on the one hand, and on the other hand, automation of the entire process, including verification and testing, which directly translates into repeatability and quality of our solutions. – says Dariusz Pietrzyk, Bitstream CEO.